Package Description

AMWA Transition Program
Preparing for and Landing Your First Position 

4 – month early career transition program for residents considering where to go out of residency   

Faculty Advisors

Vidhya Prakish, MD

Bisi Alli, MD 

Manasi Kekan, MD


AMWA smooths the path forward as you transition into your first position out of  residency/fellowship be it academic, clinical, or corporate or private practice. There are certain insider insights and knowledge that will give you a boost and provide a grounding so that you can focus on your job with confidence and growing satisfaction.

As you move from residency to your first job in medicine, you will undoubtedly encounter gender inequities due to social expectations, cultural barriers, and common implicit and explicit biases. 

You are likely wondering how you might possibly move forward with conviction. No one knows this better than women physicians who have been battling this personally and professionally, and who want to share their wisdom and experience with you.

This four-month Program focuses on the specific needs of women physicians entering the workforce for the first time. Modules explore perspectives on and strategies to guide you toward success with greater ease and assurance so you are better equipped when inevitable challenges arise.

You will be encouraged to view at least 8 topics of greatest interest to you across three professional and personal development areas. We will invite your to write a blog post that encapsulates the takeaways that resonate most with you, and how you see this learning content influencing you as you finally launch your career. 

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