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AMWA Members & Event Registrants, please login at the top right using your AMWA preferred email and password. To access a course or webinar for the first time, click on 'Course List' in the toolbar. Once you have found the material you are looking for, click on the details or view button. Once you have clicked on a lesson or subsection of the course, you will be able to locate the course in your 'My Courses' tab below 'My Account' going forward. 

Feel free to explore our various offerings of webinars, book events, and professional development courses. The menu on the top of the screen, tags, and headers are to help you find what you're looking for! If you are not able to click on the Course tabs and subsections after locating the course, this means you do not have access to the course yet. The package description located on the bottom of the course description will provide you with information on how to purchase or access a course. 

Come back often!  We are constantly adding new courses to the learning hub to meet your interests and needs!

We welcome your comments on our LMS learning system, please be advised, however, that we do not answer medical questions or make provider referrals. Contact AMWA with any questions, comments and suggestions.

Are you ready to be a part of our engaging community of women in medicine and allies?

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