Package Description

AMWA Transition Program
to Residency 

4- Month Transition Programto ease the move into your first post-academic year

Faculty Advisors: 

Dr. Kim Templeton 

Dr. Tracy Asamoah 

Preparing for the match, and landing a residency position, introduces multiple challenges with insights and concerns specific to women in medicine. In an effort to smooth the transition from medical student to resident, AMWA offers this innovative four-month, self-paced program for M4s to smooth the path forward as you transition into your first academic, clinical, or corporation position. The On-Demand modules have been curated to provide you with great insider insights and experiences from women in medicine who have traveled this path before you. The content is provided to give you a boost and give you a head-start grounding so that you can focus on settling into your new position with greater ease and growing satisfaction.

We recommend that you select at least 2 topics of greatest interest to you from each of the three topic centers. After you have viewed the content of interest to you, we ask that you prepare a reflection blog post that highlights takeaways or key points that left the greatest impression or resonated loudest to you. AMWA hopes to share these blog posts so  others may have the opportunity to recognize the benefits of participating in the Transition Program.

  Program Format & Content

  • Asynchronous Modules (Max 30 min each)  
  • Goal - 8 hours of On-Demand content  (Select 2 topics from each of 4 subject areas)
  • Workbook: Fact Sheets  
  • Pre and post survey     (Kim to seek IRG approval)
  • Participation Requirement – a reflective piece about the area/topic that you learned the most and why; Publish as part of a blog series.

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