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The problem of infertility among women physicians is not a single problem to be solved. There are myriad, complex, and varied barriers to successfully creating a safe space for women physicians and trainees to pursue family building to meet individual needs. Thus, a multi-pronged, long-term, comprehensive effort is required to make the necessary changes to reduce this risk.

The American Medical Women’s Association aims to bring the conversation out into the open in order to eliminate the common refrain of so many women physicians: “If only I knew then…” We are poised to change the culture of care around family-building in medicine and empower women physicians with the knowledge and tools to address fertility challenges, overcome barriers, and drive policy change on a local, regional, and national level.  We will advance the conversation by addressing the issues head-on with insights, lessons learned, and tools to change the culture and gain the benefits —both health benefits and workplace flexibility with scheduling and time off—necessary to work and thrive as physicians who are also seeking to build a family.

AMWA hosted the first-ever Physician Fertility Summit in 2021. Download the Proceedings.

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